Sunday, January 18, 2015

Monsterously fun centerpiece!

OK so I completely suck at this blogging thing. I've been creating, I've been creating a lot actually, but I fail so hard when it comes to actually blogging about the projects I've completed. I'll try really really hard to be better.

Back in December I decided to start selling some custom Starbucks logo mugs after I gave one to my co-worker as a gift. I got a bunch of people on Facebook saying they'd love to buy one so I figured why not open up a little side business and sell some cups for a reasonable price. I figured maybe in 6 months time I'd earn enough money to buy the Cricut Explore. I posted my facebook sales page on a several local groups I'm a member of and got a bunch of orders! I had enough money to buy the Cricut Explore in a week's time! So, I bought it, and now I'm hoping to earn enough money to afford Disneyland passes for the 4 of us (luckily the baby is free for the next couple of years).

Anyways, since getting the Explore a couple of weeks ago I've been able to do all kinds of cool things that I wasn't able to do before on my Cricut Expression and I am having such a good time playing with my new toy! Here's the project I finished yesterday and I absolutely love how it turned out.

This is a 3 tier centerpiece that I created for my baby's first birthday. We've done his nursery in a monster theme, I bought him a bunch of monster items (snack cups, bibs, etc), so it was only fitting for his first birthday to be monster themed as well. His birthday isn't until May 21 and we aren't even sure we're doing a party but I figure this little guy will be a wonderful photo prop for his 1 year pictures! I'll be making his birthday banners and such over the next few days. I like to be really early, I also like to have things made as examples for orders of things that I can actually get some use out of. Anyway, thanks for stopping by, sorry I suck at this!

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